mise en abîme, 2017

mise en abîme is an exploration of visual perception and the act of looking, in the form of a series of paintings. The title is based on the idea of an image being reflected back and forth between two mirrors forever: an image originating from its own image.

With this work, I set out to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between my artistic process and my own perceptual experiences. My starting point was the idea that looking at something and experiencing and absorbing it affects one's perception and experience of the next thing one sees. I began a process of making objects that reflected this idea: I let each work I made be influenced by the preceding work, creating a series of abstracted images that are representational of the process I used to make them.

images of mise en abîme at Close Encounters: The 2017 Stamps Senior Show, April 14-29, 2017, Argus II, Ann Arbor, MI